Lace Infinity Scarf/First Sewing Project

Hi all!

As I’ve stated before- I just recently graduated from college(December 16th to be exact). As my college graduation present, the only thing I wanted was a sewing machine. I’d been doing mini projects with just a needle and thread since I was 12 years old, but it’s tedious and to be honest mostly all I did were fixes/touch ups or minor alterations on clothes. Also fix little tears, broken straps or missing buttons on friends clothes who would have otherwise thrown them away!!

Side note: It still amazes me how no one, and I mean no one my age, or in my group of friends at least, can even do as much as that! I was always hailed as being “Suzy Homemaker” in my group of friends and my sewing “capabilities” were one of the reasons thought honestly they are nothing to brag about. but moving on!

So my wonderful Mom and Dad got me a Janome 8050. It’s a really cool machine with tons (50) of built in stitches and an easy to read and use screen; and even though it comes with the foot pedal I have come to know and absolutely love the Start/Stop button! Admittedly at first I had NO idea how to use it. I had used my moms very old machine in the past but she always threaded the bobbin and set everything up for me. So I needed some assistance to say the least. After a hour and a half long private session on all of the basics I was ready to take on a project. But what?!?! (I still have relatively no idea how to read a pattern-so that was out of the question) I had seen a lace infinity scarf on Pinterest and remember just loving it and at the time i thought well how easy to simply sew two pieces of fabric together.(Later come to find it’s a little more difficult than that- but not much!)

SO here is my inspiration for the project!  (Katy has a lot of other great tutorials on her blog too- check them out!)

and I apologize in advance for the next couple of my posts not having step-by-step/tutorial pictures or directions. I’ve made this scarf and a few other projects before I knew I was creating a blog. But here is a pic of my finished Scarf:

A little dark- but the underlay is light green satin-y material with the overlay of black lace.

I will try to take another picture of it soon so you can get a better idea.But I’m just to excited about my blog I wanted to get another post up asap!

Hope you enjoyed