Beloved Beaver Island

Beloved Beaver Island

Currently I am relaxing on a beach soaking up the sunshine (don’t worry I scheduled this post, I’m totally unplugged on this vaca).

I’m not in any tropical location or some resort hot spot, instead I’m in one of my favorite places on earth, which is even further north than where I live in Wisconsin. This magical spot? Beaver Island, Michigan.

Ever since I first stepped foot on Beaver Island, my mind has been consumed with the next trip back. It’s sort of indescribable feeling but I know I can’t be alone and people experience this for other places all over the world.

There’s something so special about this place. It’s the largest island in Lake Michigan yet it’s only 13 miles long and around 6 miles wide (in the widest part). There’s ZERO cell reception(no really, ZERO) and people move on “island time”. There’s no rush, there are no plans for your days there, and you can always find a new beautiful spot to explore or stop by your old favorites.

I highly highly HIGHLY encourage anyone to visit it but specifically those in the midwest. It truly is a hidden gem.

We drive around the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and down to Charlevoix, Michigan where we take a ferry across to the island. Once on the island there are a lot of rental homes, a few motels, and some campsites too! A few years ago we found a home that we really really loved so for the past 3 visits, we’ve stayed in the same one.

Lake Michigan is one of my obsessions in life, wether the Wisconsin or Michigan side, I just love it. The water is deep, there is no salt, there are no crazy scary sea creatures (sharks I’m looking at you) and the sunsets….you guys, the sunsets oh I can’t even describe.

To give you a taste I’ll share some pics from the last visit. Enjoy!DSC_8889 DSC_8845 DSC_8829 DSC_8789 DSC_8776 DSC_8761 DSC_8683 DSC_8681 DSC_8574

And none of those colors in the pictures have been enhanced or edited….seriously.

Now go research your trip to Beaver Island stat. Hope you all have a fabulous week and I can’t wait to share with you the recipes and goodies from Week 2 of our CSA with you when I get back next week! In case you missed week 1, check it out here.




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