Friday Faves

Friday Faves

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It snowed here in Wisconsin this morning (or late last night) sooo that’s fun………………

Moving on to happier things: I’ve been wanting to start something like this to keep you up to date with things that I love. I want my readers to know more about me. What better way to do that then share more about me? My intention is that maybe once a month or so, I’ll post some of my latest things I’m into or loving. It could be food, clothes, shoes, makeup, quotes. Really this is my blog so I make the rules 🙂 And the rules are that there are no rules! It’s a free for all. As I usually post on Friday’s I thought the title Friday Faves would be appropriate. I hope you find this as fun as I do!

In no particular order here are some of my favorite things and things I’m obsessed with lately. ENJOY!

1) This scarf: 


How adorbs is this?! Funny thing is growing up, my dad had (probably still has) a scarf like this and I’m sure I thought it was old fashioned and sooo not cool. Now I want to steal it from him! But lucky me, lucky him, and lucky you, I’ve found a fo’ cheap one that is sooo similar HERE.

2) This peanut butter:

Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter with Flax & Chia Seeds

Trader Joe’s, oh how I love you. And peanut butter, ohhh how I love you! I’m a crunchy peanut butter girl and this is crunchy to the max! Not only is it crunchy peanut butter but it has the crunch of flax and chia seeds too! The extra fiber, protein, and omega 3’s are sure to fill you up! This is cheap and delicious and you need to try it now.

3) This Toothpaste:

Pure Mint Toothpaste from ArbonneThis natural toothpaste is TO.DIE.FOR. Seriously. I don’t know about you but I’ve tried some other all natural toothpastes and I just didn’t get that “clean” feeling. This stuff tastes great, has made a noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth and is all natural. It’s an Arbonne product which are all pure, safe, beneficial, natural What does that mean for this toothpaste?That there’s no fluoride, no triclosan, no parabens,(all of which are in traditional toothpaste) it’s 100% vegan, no artificial colors or sweeteners. It also has antioxidants in it from other ingredients (white tea, ginger, and many more). If you are looking for a safe alternative, this is IT! You can send me an email if you would like to find out where to get some!

4) This Show: 

So hear me out. My sister introduced me to this show and she started this conversation by “I’m going to tell you about this weird show. But you have to watch it before you say you don’t like it.” 3 am and 10 episodes later into a binge watch, I came to the conclusion I liked it 🙂 It’s a Canadian television show called Lost Girl. You can find and watch all of the episodes on Netflix too.  It has all you could want from a show, humor, love, violence, mystery! I love it. I just heard that they’re about to air (Dec 8th) the last season, Season 5. I’m mildly heartbroken. So if you find yourself needing a new show or sick and home (that season is almost upon us again) you have a new show you can watch! You’re welcome in advance! 🙂

5) This picture:



What the?!?? Isn’t that you?  Yes, yes it is. Here is a picture from my fiance’s and mine, recent engagement pictures! Our photographer is Dani Stephenson and I’m mildly obsessed with her. I mean we love all the same things so it only makes sense. We are 100% style twins. It puts me so at ease knowing she is capturing our day and I know it will turn out amazing. I love this photo because Jake and I both look so happy and those are our true smiles. If you want to catch more pics, you can look at her blog here. Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll be doing a post of more later 🙂

Love you all!



*Again I want to share that Eat Laugh Craft is in no way being compensated for these reviews or suggestions. They are just some of our favorite things that we want to share. 

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