Black Bean & Corn Salsa


Honestly never met a person who didn’t like this(sometimes people prefer no cilantro, but never didn’t like it)

So delicious, so healthy and so easy. honestly throw all the crap in a bowl and stuff your face 🙂

I have one of these veggie chopper things:

and it works PERFECT for this(but obviously you could do it by hand too)

sort of guessing with this recipe( long ago I’m sure there was a recipe I followed but now it’s just sort of whatever I feel like) You can experiment with to make your own perfect recipe too!


2 cans of BlackBeans(rinsed)

1 can of corn(they sell salt free, preservative free corn in a can now, so buy that, it’s so much better for you)

couple tomaotes

1 avacado

2 jalapêno pepper, seeded

1 bell pepper of your choice(red,green,orange,yellow)

1 small or 1/2 cup red onion

1/2 cup of fresh cilantro

chop all those to a size of your liking and mix all those items in a bowl(not tooooo much so as to not mush the avocado) then mix the dressing in a separate bowl:


1/4 cup vinegar(red wine, or white wine or white)

Tbs of Olive Oil

juice of 2 limes

and a dash of salt

Pour over the mixture and try not to eat it all in one sitting 🙂

Thanks for reading!




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