Organize your 2016

{Organize your 2016}


HAPPY 2016! Ok so I’m not really one for New Years resolutions. Maybe it’s because my mind is constantly going 20,349,823,094,832 miles an hour and I think of things all the time I want to do to try to improve my life, my fulfillment, and my happiness and I’ll make the change when I think of it, not wait until January…..orrrr maybe it’s because each time I make one, they never stick.

What? Don’t look at me like that! They’re both sort of true.

Anyway, usually when the year comes to a close and the new one is right around the corner I think of organizing and getting ready for the turn of the calendar. *Oh and trying to mentally prepare for how many dates I’m going to have to erase when I accidentally write 2015 still* Seriously I swear it takes me until May to get the hang of it.

Calendars. Speaking of Calendars…(I bet you didn’t think this post was going in this direction) I wanted to share with you today some of the best free calendars and life organization tools that I’ve come across recently.

Did I mention free? 🙂 Bless these individuals for having the patience, creativity, and time to make these awesome resources and then HAND THEM OUT FOR FREE!

Here are some of my favorites!

  1. Kate at Small Paper Things has my favorite calendar templates. Simple, understated and beautiful. Not to mention her weekly planner, Check out her post HERE. And honestly I love her entire site. It’s gorgeous and pretty much everything I want in life. Check her out and subscribe!
    • My Faves:
      • Calendar is so damn cute because it’s so simple.
      • Weekly Planner is like my favorite thing right now. I have it on my desk and it help my keep my head on. *I’m serious*


  1. Marie at Blooming Homestead has so many cute printables on her site. Her menu planner is ADORABLE and I plan to print it, laminate it, and put it on the fridge! She has birthday and anniversary lists by month, school work trackers, and a billion other adorable things in her Family Planner sets. She even has them available in 3 different prints/patterns. The floral stripe is my favorite but they’re all SO CUTE.  In addition she also has cute 2016 calendars available too!
    • My Faves:
      • The menu planner. Cmonnnn it’s like I want to menu plan now 🙂
      • The calendars are gorgeous too.
        • Note that you’ll be directed to Dropbox to download the files. 



  1. Jamin & Ashley at The Handmade Home have another great assortment of printables that make me feel I need to get my life together 🙂 Kidding; that are awesome for helping streamline your life! Also after reading this post I felt like I needed to run out a buy a reusable bound leather planner so I could print these pages and file them. I resisted the urge but I’m sure it will come back. They make it look so glamorous to be organized!
    • My Faves:



I know there are TONS of other great resources out there for this stuff and totally possible to create your own! I was drawn to these few examples in my recent searches and wanted to share with all of you.

Cheers to you and a happy, healthy, fulfilling, and organized(if you want to be 🙂 ) 2016!



Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Butternut Squash

Friday Favs 1-30-15

Friday Favs

Hiii! Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here! We have a busy one on the books. We are going to Minneapolis to visit a best friend of mine and then we are coming back to Madison on Sunday morning and having a few friends over for the superbowl game later. I prepped as much food as I could last night so that it wouldn’t be impossible on Sunday as we’d be a little pressed for time. I made/will make some really fun and cute stuff! I promise to share soon! I’m sorry to report that today is another non-food post- I have a couple of awesome recipes I want to share with you but need to take the time to edit and make little improvements first. So today I’ll share my Friday Favs #2! Any and every thing I’m loving lately. Check it out.

1) These boots:


As many of you know I live in Wisconsin. The past month has been, in a word, freezing. Seriously so cold. Like -40 windchill cold. Children don’t go to school because it’s so cold. Earlier in the winter (like November) I decided to invest in a good pair of winter boots. I had been wearing my uggs for literally 6 years and they had ZERO tred/traction left, and were falling apart. I looked around for a while but then found THE boot of all winter boots! Behold the Sorel Joan of the Arctic! Not cheap but totally worth it. These babies are so warm and comfortable, not to mention and I am sooo obsessed with them. My heart will break a little when I need to put them away for the season. I would recommend these to ANYONE (particularly if you live where it’s cold). The best part is the liner is removeable so if it gets bad (like fur starts looking questionable or they just start smelling 😉 ) you can remove them and either wash them or replace them! (you can buy replacement liners). There are SOOO many other cute styles too!

2) This water: 


First of all- I am obsessed with this stuff. I drink it by itself all the time, but I was researching some fun recipes to use the water in and came across the LaCroix website. These are are fabulous! Plus there are flavors on here I didn’t know existed…um hello passionfruit! The ideas on here are so fun. But this  looks like something I could definitely get into 🙂

3) This magic:


COCONUT OIL is my latest (actually been in love with it for about 3 years now) obsession. It is good for any thing you can think of. Cooking- I LOVE it for making popcorn, oil pulling (seriously look into this if you don’t do it already- my teeth are like 5 shades whiter because of it I swear! Although that’s not why I do it) it’s great for your skin (think chapstick, dry elbows, legs, face etc…) it does wonders as a conditioning treatment for your hair, I even read a blog post last week about how it is a natural (and effective!) personal lubricant (if you catch my drift 😉 ) butttt my all time favorite use for it is as eye make up remover. I take a cotton swab or ball and scoop some up and my makeup is gone and my eye lashes are conditioned in like 10 seconds flat. I buy mine from Costco and it comes in TWO giant containers which is great for me but if you are skeptical just look for organic, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil and you’ll be golden. This will change your life I swear!!

4) Wedding Planning e-cards


Wedding planning is in full swing and I’m going crazy! To give you an idea of how it’s going………. Jake and I argued about what freaking plastic cup sizes to get for the wedding for almost TWO HOURS!!!! Yeah, sadly I’m not kidding. And measuring cups may or may not have been brought out to determine just how much 8,9,10,12,14, and 16 oz is and what it looks like. And what beer, cocktails, and wine should be served out of. We’re still not even decided- is it too late to elope? I don’t mean to complain but this is the first major event I’ve planned. My family thinks I’m a crazy planner lady with way too many lists but I couldn’t afford justify spending that kind of money, on a wedding planner or day of coordinator so it’s just me(that’s a little dramatic I have family and friends who are helping). I feel like I’m forgetting things! oh and how the laksdfj;alejr;lksdfjsdfj am I going to get everything there to our location?!?! Ok- I’m done I know you feel like this:


🙂 So I’ll stop. But seriously I know it’s worth it and in the end it will all be great! But lots still left to do!

There are LOTS of funny ecards for weddings/planning out there. Too many funny ones that I have to share a few- enjoy!

funny-wedding-photos-something-to-really-celebrate1 K4ltK6stressful-wedding-planning-breakup-wedding-ecards-someecardsMjAxMi05NGE5MTE0NDMzOTUxNjY01310496769959_8529507 marriage-cold-feet-nerves-bride-groom-wedding-ecards-someecardsMjAxMS1lMjBjM2VlMzNkYzhlYjky

Ahh- laughter is good for the soul 🙂 Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!