Painted Vases

Hi Again!

So here is another craft project that I recently completed(once more apologize for no tutorial pics or anything as I did this project a couple of weeks ago). I originally saw this idea HERE.

This project actually took a little bit of time because I had the hardest time finding the enamel paint (actually the surface conditioner)that the original idea blogger had used. After some research I determined any enamel or paint designed for glass would work. I found my ‘vases’ (one of them is actually a glass) at Goodwill and the smallest one I got at the dollar store. The paint I ended up using was Martha Stewart Craft paint which I found at Michael’s Craft store and pictured here:

Martha Stewart craft paint with a satin finish. I did not use this color but wanted to show what the bottle looked like.

So while I was shopping for the paint, I had picked out the color “Pool” (number 32014) sort of a aqua-marine/turquoise color and was contemplating doing the vases all the same color as the original blogger had. BUT then I saw the color “Love Bird” (#32051) and fell in love with it. It is a gorgeous corally-red. But then I thought it would be weird to have two one ┬ácolor and an odd man out so I opted for a third color of “Arrowhead”(#32080) which is a basic grey. Now the paint says that after you paint your item (metal,glass,fabric) you need to let it ‘cure'(*still not really sure what that really means) for 21 days. what?!? Maybe if it was for something you were going to eat off of or something like that- but my vases are only for decoration so I knew I’d be fine once they were dry to the touch.

Soooo- to prep my vases I used good ole Goo-Gone to remove the stickers then washed them with warm soapy water and dried, then cleaned the inside of them with rubbing alcohol just so the surface was extra clean and the paint would get great contact. Then the painting began! Sort of messy with the tall one reaching in to the bottom and getting it all over my hands but the others went great. and here is the finished product!

I love painting the inside so that they are still high gloss and gorgeous on the outside!

They were dry within 2 days. & Sorry that pics is a little cluttered/ not great. But they turned out gorgeous I think. I just had the thought of doing another something of this fashion but doing different shades of green. (green is my all time favorite color and most everything I do or choose is green)ha!

Not a lot of direction or detail but it really wasn’t hard at all! Let me know if you have questions at all!

Thanks for reading!