First Grown-up Apartment

I told you I would be extremely busy and not be able to post for a while- however I didn’t know that it would be this long! SHEEEEEESH sorry to all! 🙂 SOOO-  what a week I just had as well. Moved into my new big girl apartment- started my new job and I’m not sure that I’ve ever appreciated a weekend this much before! 🙂 I really really realllllly like my new job so far. I mean the first week is always a little boring at times because I’m training and not really able to do things on my own yet- or feel comfortable doing them alone but I already feel so much for confident in my understanding of the complex world that is employee benefits! I love it.

So, while in Chicago I went to Ikea, spent $300 bucks-but it felt like I got so much more! haha, got awesome duvet and pillow case covers for the guest room and the master, 3 lamps, large picture for the wall, vase-rocks-and decorative bamboo shoot, wine glasses, 18 piece tupperware set, cutting boards,lantern for the porch,  fake potted plant, pantry organization thingy wingy, coffee table and I’m sure I’m missing some stuff but that was the majority. Here is a picture I took while headed into the cheap home goods heaven!


Here is a picture of the coffee table I got- I absolutely love it and thought it was a great deal- but Jake said it was way too girly, pshhhh oh well- still like it 🙂


So yeah, needless to say, I am still unpacking and getting our apartment organized- It is hard for me to do all at once because I – well actually I’m not sure why, but it is a process for me and I go slowly- but we have a bed to sleep on, a table to sit at, and OH! Jake and I also went out and bought a TV!!!!!!!!!  We had been talking about it for quite sometime but finally just saw a great deal and went and got it- so we have a gorgeous big tv(with no cable yet, haha but we watch some O.C. a few nights of the week- side note: The O.C. is and forever will be my favorite show of all time). So yeah. That is my life currently. I PROMISE, PINKY PROMISE that when everything is situated I’ll be doing more craft and food posts! My sewing craft list is a mile long and I am obsessed with cooking so my recipes to try list is always long. Stay tuned for fun stuff to come and thank you all for reading and supporting my blog!



ps: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you mothers out there! Hope you are appreciated, loved and thanked every day-not just this Sunday.


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