Life Update & Favorite Photograph

Hi all! So I have an extremely busy week coming up and I’m not sure how much time I will have to blog and it’s already been a week since my last post 😦  This past weekend I went home to my parents house to collect some belongings to bring to my new apartment, then tomorrow I go to Chicago to meet up with my Dad for dinner and then my Mom and I are going to have an IKEA date day(trust me there will be a blog post inspired by that in the further!) and then I have an interview in Chicago and THENNNN I move into my new apartment on friday and saturday! whewwwwwwww and then who knows how long it will take me to get situated and all set in my new place. SOOO don’t think I fell off the face of the earth or anything. But here is post to mull over until my return.

OH! one more bit of exciting new:

I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just found out yesterday morning. I’m super excited to become a ‘grown-up’ also maybe a little scared. haha. The job is great, Account Manager for an insurance company in my area, and it is only 10 minutes from my new apartment! Life is falling into place and I like it.

anyway, here is my post.



Photography is a hobby of mine- I don’t get to do it as often as I would like and I don’t know as much as I would like to know about it either!- but that being said I still love it and do it from time to time. About two years ago my high school friend, David,(who now runs a part time photography business) out of the blue asked me if I would like to have his old Nikon D50 camera; for free. ummmm duh yes please. I use that and my general Sony cybershot thingamajig- not really sure the exact make/model of that. But yes- so I mess around and play around with the Nikon often. I actually won an award for my photography once- though it wan’t artsy beautiful photography but I was in the right place at the right time and snapped a great shot of a tornado passing through my neck of the woods and my local paper used it and later that year it won Best somethingorother Photograph at the Wisconsin Newspaper Associated Awards! Pretty cool huh??! here is a pic of the award winning photo. lololol

BUT the reason for this post is that:

I wanted to share my favorite photo that I’ve ever taken. It was taken two summers ago in Southwestern Wisconsin(on my parents farm). Sometime soon I want to have it blown up and printed and or put on a canvas or something like that.

Please don't steal or take credit for this photo.

There it is. My fav. Hope you enjoy it just as much as me 🙂




3 thoughts on “Life Update & Favorite Photograph

  1. Fabulous photograph! I love it! And congratulations on your job! I sent you an email, but it probably was an old address as it ended in .edu and you are now a grown up person! Send me your new email when you get a chance. Have a great time in Chicago. Your Dad is very excited to see you! xoxo MK


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