Paint Chip Calendar


So I have seen these quite a bit around the internet- both Pinterest and just poking around the web. The brilliant idea of a paint chip calendar. You take an old frame(or new one if you would like- but I love re and up cycling! šŸ™‚ ) and some paint chips(paint card samples or whatever they are called! OK, you don’t buy the paint cards but you acquire them however you do. I went to a hardware store and picked out colors in the same family and just took them(Green of course!). That’s what you’re suppose to do right?! I mean truthfully I did feel a little sheepish taking 20-ish paint chip cards but I think it’s the norm. Anyyyyway- you could choose any colors you like- be it random or all the same or same color family etc… Cut them into squares and put in the frame and use a dry erase marker to write on the glass the dates and days and month and you’re done! Basically that plus scissors and tape are the only materials you need.


  • Old frame with glass intact
  • Large sheet of paper to cover background of frame
  • Various assortment of sample paint cards
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Tape

So what I did was:

– Took out the picture originally in the frame and cleaned the glass and such

– Traced the glass size on my large piece of paper and cut that out

– I measured how large my paint cubes could be to be able to fit row of 7 by columns of 5 turned out to be about 1.7′ x 1.7′

– Then I just went to town cutting those squares from the paint samples till I had a few in each color

– Then: (this is the only part that took awhile because I’m anal) but you evenly space and tape down the squares to the backdrop paper leaving enough spacing at the top to write the month and the days of the week

– Insert it all in the frame and BAM! you’re done! You have a gorgeous DIY month-to-month reusable calendar

Here is how mine turned out! (sorry the picture is not good at all but you get the idea!)

Since this picture I've found a marker that writes darker- Happy!

Thats it! Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for looking!




2 thoughts on “Paint Chip Calendar

  1. This is such a fun, cute idea! I can totally see myself making one of these and giving it as a gift… after I make one for myself, of course. You have some really interesting, unique crafts, and please keep them coming!


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