Blogging Buddies!

Blogging Buddies!

In the blogging community it’s important (and fun!) to connect with other bloggers out there to a) make awesome new friends b) find inspiration and see other peoples awesome ideas and work c) help drive traffic to your own blog and share you own ideas!

I’v been fortunate enough to meet some awesome people in my blogging journey. One of my new blogging bff’s is Jessica at The Sweet Files. She is hilarious and sarcastic (just like me!) and shares some really cool things on her site. She also has some gorgeous photography (of food and her little adorable kids ūüôā ) Checkout her blog- you’ll be happy you did.

She recently, so sweetly, nominated me for something call the Versatile Blogger Award. Which is just a fun way to say “Hey I think the work you do is awesome and I’m going to tell some other people about you”. Whichhhhh is pretty spectacular if I do say so myself !

photo-versatile-blogger11THANK YOU! I’m so happy you thought of me and my blog when picking your own nominations!
Now I am supposed to share 7 fun facts about myself and also nominate 15 other blogs that stand out to me as awesome and talented and fun. So here we go.


1) I don’t drink soda. I stopped drinking it in High School and never started again! I just don’t like it. I basically only drink water (or coffee, or tea, or Arbonne fizz sticks).
2)¬†Guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That’s the only one I’ll watch or that I’m even remotely interested in- and I don’t know why.
3) I have some mad rap skillllz
4) I get serious social anxiety when someone says something I don’t understand and I ask them to repeat it and I still don’t understand. I feel¬†like this ‚Üď






5) I don’t really like watching movies. It has to be REALLY good for me to watch it. I just get really bored or I get scared/anxious/need to know what happens NOW and it makes me feel bad. Soooo lame I know.
6) This July I’m going on my honeymoon. We’re going to Italy and I’ve never been so excited for anything in my life!
7) I eat way too much peanut butter for a normal person.

Lots of awesome GF recipes-
Gorgeous ‘fancified’ food-¬†
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A little bit of everything, my kinda girl! –¬†
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She’s adorable, her posts are great, what’s not to love? –¬†
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A man who can cook. Need I say more? –¬†
Fellow Madison, WI blogger –¬†
I love this blog &  this girl!-
Great vegan resource –¬†
Ultimate place for DIY home ideas –¬†
My style soul mate

To my nominee’s- don’t feel pressure to accept and do this whole shebang. Just know that I look at your blogs frequently and love what you do! I know sometimes blogging can be exhausting and you feel like no one is reading your content, I AM! Keep up the great work and keep following your dreams- whatever they may be ‚̧