About ME

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Hello!I’m Georgina!

Thanks for checking out my blog!  Here you’ll find a little bit of just about everything. I live in Madison, Wisconsin and love life and all of it’s ups and downs.

I started Eat Laugh Craft primarily just for fun and my mom was my only reader (hey mom!) but it morphed into a really big passion of mine and here we are almost 4 years later and it’s a huge part of my life! I love being able to share my ideas and recipes with all of you! Most of what you’ll see here is food, but sometimes you’ll see natural beauty, health, and home tips, as well as some fun and easy crafts!! 

I am:
Food lover \ Tea Drinker \ Coffee Addict \ Bloody Mary Connoisseur \ Wine Enthusiast \ Crafter \ Cook \ Dreamer \ Sleepyhead \ Sarcastic \ Singer (mostly in my car) \ Introvert \ Cheesehead \ Wife \  Clothes hoarder \ 

I love:
Cuddling \ Sleeping \ Running \ Cooking \ Laughing \ Candy Canes \ Christmas time \ Green Bay Packers \ Popcorn \ Spending time with family \ Make-up \ Playing the Guitar \ Lake Michigan \ Beaver Island, MI \ Door County, WI \ Pinterest \ Planning \ Laying in the Sun \ Candles \ Sunsets \ Beautiful photography \ Traveling \ Europe \ Historical Fiction books \ Modern Family \ Leggings \ Big Sweaters \ The O.C. \ Chips & Salsa \ Good hair days \ Healthy Living \ Organic Life \ Natural Food \ My moms garden \ Italy \

Photo by my friend Erin Schoonover! Check her out HERE!





18 thoughts on “About ME

  1. So glad to find your site. I recently received an email from one of the many recipe sites. On that email was the recipe Tomato, Potato, Zucchini, Summer Squash Casserole. I saved it to my recipe box on that site. But then couldn’t remember which one it came from. I was searching the web one more time for the recipe & found it on your website! Thank you very much! Now I have it printed & bookmarked. I’ll be looking on your site quite often now. Thanks again! SueD


    • Hi Sue! So happy you came and checked out my blog and that your’e a fan of the Tomato, Potato, Zucchini, Summer Squash Casserole! If you’ve tried and liked any of the others on here I’d love to hear your favs!


  2. I, too, saw the recipe on FB and then the ever lovable FB erased a bunch of my favorite posts, and it wasn’t there when I was making the week’s menus. I googled “zucchini squash casserole square dish” and found it!!!!
    Just baked it for lunch. BTW, they are requiring a “security code” to post your site on FB at present….What is the world coming to. Zucchini is a security risk????!!!


    • Hi Rita,

      Arrrgg the woes of technology eh? So happy you were able to find me again and make the dish for your family! Thanks for visiting and make sure to check back and try other recipes too 🙂


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  4. I think I can agree with almost all of your favorite things! P.S I just started following you on Instagram, however I have never followed some one from my computer, I didn’t even know you could do that. Hopefully it worked? haha!


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